Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Qualifying a Workforce

On LiveWork, the number of available Experts, Companies, and Providers continues to grow. This on-demand workforce highlights a wide range of services as well as a diverse background, work history and skill range. Finding the right workforce for your project is crucial.

This is where LiveWork, through its set of tools, including project posting, required skills screening, integrated skills testing, public profiles and applicant management, provides tools to assist in finding the right workforce to meet Client needs. LiveWork offers the following to assist Clients:
  • Project posting - Through the project posting form, Clients have the ability to provide a clear title, description, specific requirements and ability to add any relevant documents to inform their applicants and target the right workforce to apply to their project.
  • Required Skills Screening - Via a new feature recently added, Clients now also have the option to enforce Applicants to have passed and taken specific skills from the integrated testing suite before they can apply to their project.
  • Integrated Skills Testing - LiveWork provides a wide range of available testing for Experts. Skills tests that have been taken and passed are highlighted as "certified" skills on their public profile for review and exposure to prospect Clients. Using these tests and scores, Clients have the ability to further qualify their workforce.
  • Public Profiles - The LiveWork public profiles continue to provide Clients with visibility into the available workforce. Profiles will provide Clients with an overview, services offered, work history, education, skills certified or declared, resume and a portfolio, if applicable, for each Expert. In addition, the profile clearly highlights an Expert's rating, earnings, projects and tasks completed, and availability.
  • Applicant Management - Via the integrated project Applicant Management tools, Clients have the ability to review the available applicants that applied to their project, filter and sort as needed, ensure the requirements and background meets their need and decide whether to accept an applicant.
We hope our Clients enjoy the capabilities that LiveWork offers them to source, qualify and engage the right workforce to meet their project demands.

The LiveWork Team
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