Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ConnectandSell - Engaging an On-Demand Workforce for Sales Prospecting

Another Client using LiveWork for their on-demand workforce needs is ConnectandSell, with offices in Silicon Valley and India that provides a sales prospecting service through virtual sales agents to augment an existing sales force.

ConnectandSell had a need to rapidly augment its existing workforce of virtual sales agents with additional resources to meet the company's growth.

ConnectandSell turned to LiveWork's platform to source and contract with an on-demand workforce. In addition, given the presence-based nature of the work, ConnectandSell needed to leverage LiveWork's integrated workforce scheduling platform to ensure appropriate coverage throughout the week.

ConnectandSell had specific requirements related to workforce certification requirements , and leveraged LiveWork's custom certification module to require all applicants to pass a specific skill test. This enabled ConnectadSell to vet the quality of applicants, drastically reducing the time associated with screening.

If you are interested in engaging with/contracting with an on-demand workforce, we look forward to hearing from you!

-The LiveWork Team
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