Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Team Collaboration

The successful collaboration and execution on a project by an on-demand workforce is often tied to the ability for the team to share learnings, best practices, ask questions and actively collaborate.

Having a project team knowledge repository also enables new team members to rapidly ramp-up and participate in the project more efficiently.

In order to encourage the collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams, the LiveWork platform offers several free key features available to project teams:
  • Forums - To facilitate the asking, answering and capturing of questions
  • Wiki - To facilitate the creation of knowledge, information, best practices across the team
  • Communication Tools - To facilitate the interaction amongst members via a webmessenger and built in mail communication
  • File Sharing - To exchange the sharing of documents, images or other information
We encourage all teams and projects on the platform to take advantage of these collaboration features. Share and collaborate freely.


The LiveWork Team
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