Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finding a workforce

A challenge on certain work marketplaces or job listing sites is the anonymity of the available workers on the platform.

LiveWork offers our Clients the ability to explore the available workforce and take advantage of features to find the appropriate Expert, Provider or Company to provide them with the services they seek. Through the LiveWork platform we offer the following workforce tools:

  • Expert Profiles - Each Expert, Provider or Company on our platform has their own “self declared” public profile. These user-populated Profiles can provide a helpful overview of the user’s business, their educational background, and may include a resume or portfolio. In addition, Client’s can also view a service provider’s work history on the platform, skills highlighted, and tests taken with scoring.
  • Browse Experts - Through the “Find Experts” tab, LiveWork Clients are able to search, refine and filter against a range of available Experts in the system, based on specific search and needs criteria.
  • Skills Testing – The LiveWork platform includes an integrated skills testing and scoring solution that will allow Experts to take specific tests, which when passed are featured as “certified” on their profile with their passing score. Clients can then search against these specific skills to help ensure they find the right workforce for their needs.
  • Interacting Directly - Outside of posting a project via “Find Work” to source Experts for work opportunities, Clients also have the ability to directly interact with and offer private projects directly to specific identified Experts. Via the “Hire” action on the site (profile or find Experts), Clients can post a project directly to a given Expert, Provider or Company.
  • Invitations - For a given Client project, Clients can also invite specific Experts onto their projects. Once they find the Expert that meets their qualification, they can “invite” the Expert via an action on the profile page or via the project applicant screen.

We hope our Clients enjoy the transparency of our platform, find the Experts that meet their needs and skills, and offer work directly or invite them to their projects.


The LiveWork Team

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