Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finding a workforce

A challenge on certain work marketplaces or job listing sites is the anonymity of the available workers on the platform.

LiveWork offers our Clients the ability to explore the available workforce and take advantage of features to find the appropriate Expert, Provider or Company to provide them with the services they seek. Through the LiveWork platform we offer the following workforce tools:

  • Expert Profiles - Each Expert, Provider or Company on our platform has their own “self declared” public profile. These user-populated Profiles can provide a helpful overview of the user’s business, their educational background, and may include a resume or portfolio. In addition, Client’s can also view a service provider’s work history on the platform, skills highlighted, and tests taken with scoring.
  • Browse Experts - Through the “Find Experts” tab, LiveWork Clients are able to search, refine and filter against a range of available Experts in the system, based on specific search and needs criteria.
  • Skills Testing – The LiveWork platform includes an integrated skills testing and scoring solution that will allow Experts to take specific tests, which when passed are featured as “certified” on their profile with their passing score. Clients can then search against these specific skills to help ensure they find the right workforce for their needs.
  • Interacting Directly - Outside of posting a project via “Find Work” to source Experts for work opportunities, Clients also have the ability to directly interact with and offer private projects directly to specific identified Experts. Via the “Hire” action on the site (profile or find Experts), Clients can post a project directly to a given Expert, Provider or Company.
  • Invitations - For a given Client project, Clients can also invite specific Experts onto their projects. Once they find the Expert that meets their qualification, they can “invite” the Expert via an action on the profile page or via the project applicant screen.

We hope our Clients enjoy the transparency of our platform, find the Experts that meet their needs and skills, and offer work directly or invite them to their projects.


The LiveWork Team

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MerchantCircle - Engaging/Contracting with an On-Demand Workforce for Content Categorization

Another Client using LiveWork for their on-demand workforce needs is Silicon Valley-based MerchantCircle. MerchantCircle is a social network of 750,000 local businesses that helps business owners attract more customers online for free.

To improve ensure the integrity of their network and improve user experience, MerchantCircle sought to outsource the process of categorizing and validating over 300,000 online business listings, and turned to LiveWork to source, screen, engage with, and pay an on-demand workforce.

MerchantCircle had specific requirements related to the qualifications of applicants, and leveraged LiveWork's integrated workforce screening tools to rapidly filter the applicants who applied to the project. This enabled MerchantCircle to rapidly reduce the screening process associated with contracting with an on-demand workforce, that doesn't exist with other marketplaces. As a result, MerchantCircle was able to source dozens of qualified applicants in a matter of days.

If your corporation could benefit from an on-demand workforce, we look forward to hearing from you!

The LiveWork Team

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Task Scheduling & Routing

One of the challenges when managing the execution of tasks being performed by a large on-demand workforce, is making such tasks available, scheduling or assigning them to the available workforce. Across our Clients and Projects the workforce scheduling and assignment needs are varied and differ with each project.

This is where LiveWork solves this problem by providing functionality that allows Clients and Providers to schedule, assign or offer work to their workforces as needed. The platform provides flexible scheduling and work assignment functionality.

Clients can select from the following routing options:
  • Schedule Tasks - Using the LiveWork scheduler one can define specific time slots and the number of Experts needed for such slots. This offers Clients the ability to staff against specific dates & times (presence based work) for when tasks are available, such as handling customer care inquiries. Experts commit to specific slots (date & time) and perform the needed tasks at such time.
  • Auto Assign - Using auto assignment, tasks will automatically be assigned to thenext available Expert for their acceptance. This offers Clients the ability to post work and have it automatically be spread across their available workforce. Once an Expert completes their accepted task, they will be assigned the next available task for acceptance. Any unassigned tasks remain in the queue, until the next expert is available to accept the new task.
  • Self Assign - Using self-assignment, tasks will be made available via a queue to the workforce for their acceptance. This offers Clients the ability to make work available to their workforce and the workforce to self-select tasks from the queue for flexibility and choice. Experts self-select a set number of available tasks, once completed go back to the queue for more available tasks.
  • Direct Assign - Using direct assignment, tasks are directly assigned by Clients and accepted by specific Experts in the clients workforce. This offers Clients the ability to make specific and unique tasks available to the Experts that match the need for those tasks. This provides Clients the flexibility and control over which workers perform given tasks.
We hope our Clients enjoy the flexibility that LiveWork offers them via the LiveWork scheduler or assignment rules to offer work to their workforces.


The LiveWork Team

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Team Collaboration

The successful collaboration and execution on a project by an on-demand workforce is often tied to the ability for the team to share learnings, best practices, ask questions and actively collaborate.

Having a project team knowledge repository also enables new team members to rapidly ramp-up and participate in the project more efficiently.

In order to encourage the collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams, the LiveWork platform offers several free key features available to project teams:
  • Forums - To facilitate the asking, answering and capturing of questions
  • Wiki - To facilitate the creation of knowledge, information, best practices across the team
  • Communication Tools - To facilitate the interaction amongst members via a webmessenger and built in mail communication
  • File Sharing - To exchange the sharing of documents, images or other information
We encourage all teams and projects on the platform to take advantage of these collaboration features. Share and collaborate freely.


The LiveWork Team
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